The Rescue Bracelet is giving amazing help to thousands of people around the world

“The tiniest electrical current, measured in millionths of an amp, can turn off pain, operate vital organs and move muscles.”

-  leading scientific digest, 1981

People with Psychosomatic & Allergic Reactions, like Asthma, Sinusitus, and Hay Fever have been RESCUED!


My sister Mrs Barwood obtained a Rescue bracelet from you last weekend. She was so excited and so she should be. You also kindly gave the two bangles for my daughter and myself. I tried the bangle this evening, as I have had asthma for the past few days and immediately I could breathe again. It is a miracle!


I am enclosing my cheque for a bracelet for myself and look forward to receiving same.


May the Lord bless you in your wonderful work.


God Bless you,

J.B.................. Port Elizabeth.




I am happy to report that my daughter, who has been wearing a bracelet since December 18, has not taken any Cortisone since Christmas, is looking positively healthy and that her sinusitis has much improved. It appears to have helped the asthma and all round I am very relieved.


Yours faithfully

(Mrs) M. C...........Blairgowrie.

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